CityFleet harnesses technology to provide the UK’s leading single point of ground transport with simplicity and flexibility.

Our Advantage system is the busiest ground transport platform in the UK, processing more than 10,000 trips daily.

Our suite of booking tools cater for single users and PA’s/Travel bookers alike with an incredibly rich set of business rules and configurations to suit your business needs.

Our billing and Management Information systems support some of the most complex requirements in the private corporate market as well as the public sector, where cost control and transparency are essential.

Our technology can deliver a range of services that are unmatched in the ground transport sector including:

  • Busiest ground transport platform in the UK.
  • Independence - a truly ‘supply-agnostic’ approach means you get to choose the supply chain you want.
  • Standardised pricing - we help you set a tariff for all products you use.
  • Unlimited options - you set the business rules and Advantage makes it happen. From simple car/taxi accounts to supply determined by journey profile and other business rules, Advantage can do it all.
  • Unrivalled experience - the Advantage platform is used by some of the UK’s largest banks, financial houses, law firms, media firms and public sector organisations.
  • Rich management information - an unrivalled suite of reporting services are at your fingertips.
  • Bespoking- as standard. No need to take the ‘off-the-shelf’ option, most Advantage customers have heavy bespoking and specific features enabled.
  • Single Sign On. Access the booking platform seamlessly from your own internal systems/intranet for a fully integrated solution.
  • Range of billing options: from individual corporate card billing to centralised accounts, we have our own in-house payment gateway to ensure we can fit to the requirements of your Finance Department.
  • Rapid development cycles - as your business changes we can quickly capture your requirements, specify, develop and deliver changes to our systems as driven by you. All our development and support teams are in-house.

The Advantage platform is seamlessly integrated with the Freedom system operated by Catalina Software and third party car and taxi vendors can run either Freedom or Freedom Lite in their operations to receive work in frictionless fashion.

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Busiest ground transport platform in the UK