Environmental Policy

CityFleet Networks Limited facilitates personal transport services to a range of corporate and public sector account holders, as well as to the general public.

The business has a direct impact on the environment through the consumption of energy and other resources used in our daily business activities and an indirect impact through the activities of our drivers and service partners.

Most of the fleet servicing CityFleet’s clients is driver-owned and therefore the company endorses and promotes the latest advanced technologies to minimise exhaust emissions, noise emissions and reduce fuel consumption.  CityFleet offsets all carbon emissions generated by our account managed customers’ journeys.

Our objective is to minimise our impact on the environment wherever possible, and to become the industry leader in environmental management by raising awareness with employees and other stakeholders, proactive communication with customers and collaboration with drivers and service partners to help them improve their environmental performance.

Our Commitment is to:

  • Manage our business operations to prevent pollution and implement a programme of continuous improvement to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment; 
  • Monitor progress through a system for setting and reviewing specific environmental objectives and targets;
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and other requirements;
  • Evaluate and manage environmental impacts when developing policies, products and services or change initiatives;
  • Minimise waste by reducing consumption of paper and other resources, and developing effective waste management and recycling procedures;
  • Introduce measures to reduce energy consumption and the company carbon footprint and carbon offsetting account managed customer journeys;
  • Increase awareness of environmental responsibilities among the company’s personnel, drivers and service partners through training and regular communication about environmental matters;
  • Support the promotion of environmental initiatives by our employees and appropriate external organisations;
  • Seek to ensure that products and services used by the company do not use materials unnecessarily harmful to the environment, such as wood from unsustainable forests, or chemicals containing ozone depleting gases.

To ensure successful delivery of the environmental policy, CityFleet has implemented an environmental management system certified to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001:2004.  The management system is monitored and reviewed regularly by the Senior Management Committee and audited by accredited external auditors.  All employees are encouraged to take personal responsibility for the implementation of this policy and for working in an environmentally friendly manner.

Jaspal Singh
CityFleet Networks Limited
September 2014

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment