Credit Card Bookings

CityFleet is the leading provider of ground transport in the UK. Our ComCab licensed taxi brand is known all over the UK for providing safe, reliable and fully licensed taxis at regulated fares

You can pay by cash or credit/debit card in all ComCab taxis across the UK, using safe and secure in-vehicle card payment terminals which accept chip & PIN and contactless (Wave & Pay) cards.

You can book a taxi or private hire car by telephone, online or using one of our smartphone apps, see below:





  • ComCab Telephone Booking: 01224 353 535
  • Comfort Executive Telephone Booking: 01224 353 555
  • TaxiApp App Booking


Other Regions

Safe & Secure

Booking your next journey via credit/debit card is the most secure way to ensure you can get where your going without worrying where to find the next cash machine!

You can book a ComCab taxi online here, or by calling the below numbers. You can also use our smartphone apps.

Alternatively you can simply pay by credit or debit card in any ComCab taxi, as they all carry safe and secure chip & pin and contactless card reader terminals.

Secure in-vehicle card payment terminals